Endorsements for Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark


Earth’s Secret has gained support from the bookstores of NASA’s Kennedy and

Johnson Space Centers and the Franklin Institute Science Museum.


“Diane Janis writes to entertain and inform, successfully transporting science and fantasy into an inspiring children’s novel with exemplary compassion for Earth.”

Scott A. Herber,
M.S. Senior Scientist, Wildlife Institute and Rehabilitation Center


Voices in the Dark combines Diane Janis’ enthusiasm for science, astronomy, and the environment with a superb science mystery. Young readers will benefit from her years of classroom teaching. She presents many interesting facts about the sun’s family of planets along with more general science concepts. While some readers will enjoy the story’s scientific information, others will be drawn into the human interest drama as Erica confronts the accident that has left her blind and moves forward to overcome its limitations.”

Dr. Ed Strother,
Ph.D. in Experimental Physics, Astronomer and Scientist for NASA and USAF



“Every child should have this book! Diane Janis speaks to the heart of children using imagination and a unique and entertaining approach to environmental awareness.”

Mark Victor Hansen,
Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup® for the Soul


“The best books are those that weave entertainment and education into a compelling read. Diane Janis has accomplished just that with this outstanding book. Kids will love her story and wonderful pictures of the solar system!”

Bill O’Shea,
A Christmas Present

“With heart, soul, and appreciation for earth, Diane Janis writes a fascinating tale for children of all ages.”

Carol Fuery,
The Classroom Survival Series



“Students are loving Voices in the Dark . . . I think you have a hit! You will be knocking the socks off the science education world!”

Jo Slovak,
NY State Staff Development Trainer and Curriculum Coordinator


“It’s so wonderful that Diane Janis is able to create books that allow Science to be brought to our children in such a creative way.”

Jim Ottman,
Science Teacher, Independence Charter Middle School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


“Presenting a creative approach to the wonder of science with a compassionate perspective on physical disability is a tall order. Diane Janis’ Voices in the Dark balances both admirably. What a delightful, intriguing, and educational narrative!”

Fontaine Wallace,
Professor – Florida Institute of Technology


“Students are very excited about the personification of the planets in Voices in the Dark, and they can’t wait to come to class to read the novel.


“The activity book is fun for students to use, complete with activities for all levels and disciplines. It is an engaging way to combine curriculum subjects for purposeful learning.


“Teachers will be amazed at the complete educator’s guide. It covers the core subject areas, numerous internet sites to enrich student learning, strategies for effective teaching, and supplemental resources that incorporate the multiple intelligences.”

Elin Orman,
5th Grade Teacher, Honeoye Elementary School, Honeoye, NY

“As a former elementary school teacher, I can see that as a writer Diane Janis is a force to be reckoned with, as an educator she holds a candle to none!


“The author, Diane Janis, is a natural-born teacher. The joy she shows when presenting a lesson easily transfers to others so that they become part and parcel of it. As an added bonus, she has the uncanny ability to pick up on audience interests and teach to them. Her presentations are interactive; students play a part in them. Skillfully, Diane Janis has transferred her creative teaching abilities to the novel, Voices in the Dark. The child-friendly format of the novel weaves scientific facts into a story line that readers can identify with. How neat is that?


“But even better, Ms Janis has designed the companion Earth’s Secret: Making Connections Activity Book to teach to all the curriculum areas that elementary classroom teachers skill-build in on a daily basis. One can see that Diane Janis has thought a lot about what teachers go through each and every day because uniting curriculum makes a whole lot of sense. Using the activity book, a teacher can easily take student interest in the novel into a lesson in language arts, math, science, social studies, character education or even health, mirroring the same type of connections seen in real life situations.


“And … what an educator’s treasure! … Earth’s Secret: Educator’s Guide is extremely well-organized, comprehensive and contains many strategies to help students become self-guided learners through active involvement in lessons and their own learning. Uniquely, the other-than-average learner isn’t ignored either. Enrichment projects correlate with events and scientific information found in the novel. Knowledge acquisition is elaborated on and differentiation principals are detailed.”

Lee Janowsky,
Elementary Educator and Consultant Teacher


I was first introduced to Voices in the Dark when my son received the novel as a gift. That year I was the PTA chairperson for assemblies. My son liked the book so much I presented it to the teachers and principal. They were very impressed and invited Diane Janis to visit our school. The PTA also purchased the complete collection of Diane Janis’ books for our library, so that the books could be enjoyed by all our students and faculty.


Diane Janis’ author assemblies at our school were a great success. They were well organized, professional, informative, entertaining and motivating. The subject matter touched a variety of interests such as writing, science, environment, space and art, which kept the students highly engaged. Her enthusiasm for education was very apparent and students and staff became involved in the assembly, too. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.


Dolly Price,
PTA Assemblies Chairperson, Harrison Township School District in Mullica Hill NJ