Price: $5.95

Type: paperback
Pages: 190
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Ages: 9 and up
Author: Diane Janis


Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark

…a unique educational fantasy novel for ages 9 and up


Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark uses children’s love of mystery and astronomy to keep science concepts in grades 4 – 6 exciting while creating a fun reading and learning experience that encourages environmental awareness, problem solving, and a positive attitude.


This informative and entertaining novel brings the planets to life within the remarkable story of a young girl who finds courage despite her recent misfortune. And as readers learn that Earth has a secret, they realize the importance of using science concepts within the novel to solve the mystery of Earth’s secret.


Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark is also a one-of-a-kind, intercurricular teaching tool. When used with the novel-coordinated supplemental materials, it transforms into a valuable literary resource that shows connections between all subjects in the curriculum while creating enthusiasm about learning.


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Educator Endorsements for Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark

“Students are very excited about the personification of the planets in Voices in the Dark, and they can’t wait to come to class to read the novel…”

Elin Orman,
5th Grade Teacher, Honeoye Elementary School, Honeoye, NY

“Presenting a creative approach to the wonder of science with a compassionate perspective on physical disability is a tall order. Diane Janis’ Voices in the Dark balances both admirably. What a delightful, intriguing, and educational narrative!”

Fontaine Wallace,
Professor – Florida Institute of Technology

“Students are loving Voices in the Dark . . . I think you have a hit! You will be knocking the socks off the science education world!”

Jo Slovak,
NY State Staff Development Trainer and Curriculum Coordinator

Skillfully, Diane Janis has transferred her creative teaching abilities to the novel, Voices in the Dark. The child-friendly format of the novel weaves scientific facts into a story line that readers can identify with. How neat is that?

Lee Janowsky,
Elementary Educator and Consultant Teacher

Summary of Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark

Erica Terrano loves two things more than anything else in the world…her precious German shepherd and gazing into space through a telescope. She dreams of being an astronaut someday and is hours away from her first visit to the magnificent observatory when an accident instantly changes everything. Erica quickly feels her happy, safe life crumbling to pieces as she struggles with the frightening changes caused by a sudden loss of sight and worries that her dog will be blamed for the accident.


However, when Erica’s uncle comes to visit he gives her an unusual invention that can record sounds from space. As Erica listens, she hears the planets in our solar system talking about some type of secret that Earth is hiding. Thrilled, curious and determined, Erica soon finds herself learning many science concepts related to Earth’s environment and becoming involved in the enormous mystery of discovering Earth’s secret.


But why do the conversations between the planets seem so familiar? … And why does she feel that her accident and her dog are part of the mystery?


Through it all Erica discovers that she is brave, but will she also discover the truth?


Benefits of Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark

  • Teaches science through an easy-to-read story written for ages 9 and up
  • Uses students’ strong interests in mystery, fantasy, and astronomy to pique the appeal of a variety of science concepts
  • Explains science concepts and facts within a fantasy background which allows readers to internalize the information
  • Utilizes science facts to explain environmental concepts
  • Contains concepts that can be connected to all subject and classroom curriculum areas
  • Tenders character education through a child’s experiences allowing students to identify with the character and make connections to events in their own life
  • Describes how to devise and use memory strategies
  • Shows positive family dynamics
  • Promotes a positive attitude
  • Models problem solving
  • Adds humor to learning within the content of the story and chapter "brain teasers”… Each chapter ends with a brain teaser that can be solved by reading the next chapter.
  • Encourages interaction with… Answers to the “brain teasers” can be found on the “kids” page.