Price: $37.95

Type: paperbound
Pages: 431
Size: 8.5 x 11
Grades: 4 – 6
Diane Janis
and D.L. Hoobler


Earth’s Secret: Educator’s Guide


… an instructional manual and resource guide for Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark, and Earth’s Secret: Making Connections Activity Book that allows educators to optimize their use.

“…Teachers will be amazed at the complete educator’s guide. It covers the core subject areas, numerous internet sites to enrich student learning, strategies for effective teaching, and supplemental resources that incorporate the multiple intelligences.”

Elin Orman,
5th Grade Teacher, Honeoye Elementary School, Honeoye, NY

“… What an educator’s treasure!Earth’s Secret Educator’s Guide is extremely well-organized, comprehensive and contains many strategies to help students become self-guided learners . . . “

Lee Janowsky,
Elementary Educator and Consultant, Mansfield, PA


BENEFITS of Earth’s Secret: Educator’s Guide

  • Organized for quick reference
  • Stated in clear, concise language for ease of use
  • Well-researched and designed for educator accountability
  • Uses a step-by-step creative and effective educator approach for student enthusiasm and optimal learning
  • Contains planning strategies (essential idea, level/s of difficulty, novel connection, curriculum subjects and activity tasks) for each activity in Making Connections Activity Book
  • Provides answers for each activity
  • Offers detailed preparation, presentation, completion, and/or follow-up suggestions for individual activities
  • Supplies follow-up suggestions and supplemental resources for use with the novel and throughout the school-year, including a “Cosmic Passport” and “Intercurricular Global Warming Unit”
  • Contains novel chapter summaries for Voices in the Dark
  • Provides skill and concept charts corresponding to activity book pages and novel chapters for each subject in the curriculum
  • Shows detailed intercurricular lesson plans
  • Includes rubric assessment samples for each curriculum subject
  • Offers internet websites for student and educator research
  • Supports the concept that students benefit from intercurricular connections
  • Promotes the idea that students can be active, aware, and self-directed