Price: $9.95

Type: paperback
Pages: 190
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Ages: 9 and up
Author: Diane Janis


Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark is a unique educational fantasy novel for ages 9 and up. Voices in the Dark uses children’s love of mystery and astronomy to keep science concepts in grades 4 – 6 exciting while creating a fun reading and learning experience that encourages environmental awareness, problem solving, and a positive attitude.


This informative and entertaining novel brings the solar system to life within the remarkable story of a young girl who finds courage despite her recent misfortune. And as readers learn that Earth has a secret, they realize the importance of using science concepts within the novel to solve the mystery of Earth’s secret.


Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark is also a one-of-a-kind, intercurricular teaching tool. When used with the novel-coordinated supplemental materials, it transforms into a valuable literary resource that shows connections between all subjects in the curriculum. The fun activities and lessons create enthusiasm about learning through the use of characters, events, astronomy, science, and environmental topics from this one-of-a-kind fantasy novel!


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SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS for Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark


Price: $32.95

Type: paperbound
Pages: 284
Size: 8.5 x 11
Grades: 4 – 6
Author: Diane Janis


Earth’s Secret: Making Connections Activity Book contains 200 thought provoking, creative activities that keep students highly motivated by expanding on characters, events, and educational content from Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark. This helps make learning fun and encourages students to attempt skills and concepts that may otherwise seem unimportant or unapproachable.


Many of the activities are intercurricular and several focus on environmental topics. This gives students opportunities to make connections between Voices in the Dark, their personal lives, curriculum subjects and real-world situations.


….. How can you make the “greenhouse effect” in a jar?

….. What is the “ouch” when molecules bump into each other?

….. How can the “Orbit Answer” help you prevent an argument?

….. Why is an eclipse like an ice cream cone?

….. How can “Pluto Makes Delicious Asterioid Stew” help you solve a math problem?

….. What is the mystery of the sun and the moon?

….. How can the “Einstein Effort” help you do your best?




Price: $37.95

Type: paperbound
Pages: 431
Size: 8.5 x 11
Grades: 4 – 6
Diane Janis, D.L. Hoobler


Earth’s Secret: Educator’s Guide is an instructional manual and resource guide for Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark and Earth’s Secret: Making Connections Activity Book that allows educators to optimize their use.


This manual provides detailed planning strategies, answers and follow-up suggestions for each activity. It also includes novel chapter summaries, skill charts, sample rubrics and supplemental resources.


Stated in clear, concise language for ease of use, Earth’s Secret: Educator’s Guide is a highly resourceful and time-saving manual that provides well-researched curriculum accountability for classroom and home-school educators.





Price: $14.95

Type: hard cover
Pages: 38
Size: 8.5 x 11
Ages: all
Author: Diane Janis
Illustrator: Diane Janis


The Cosmic Family is a picture book written and illustrated by Diane Janis. It is filled with colorful, personified illustrations of the planets. It can be used to help young children learn about family relationships, Earth’s environment and the solar system. It can also be used as supplemental material for Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark to encourage creative writing and illustrating.


Since its publication, The Cosmic Family has become a favorite for baby shower, birthday and holiday gifts. Everyone will enjoy this delightful story and its charming illustrations as you journey through our magnificent solar system where Earth lives with her family.


“The Cosmic Family is a beautiful book. I absolutely love Diane Janis’ style… there is so much heart in her books. My daughter who is only two, loves to sit and read this book. She loves the sun and the moon, and I think this really intrigues her because the planets all have faces on them. A face is something a two year old can relate to, a planet…not so much. Eliza can point the sun page out to me, as well as the earth. She walks around saying, ‘Oh Mama! The sun is hot!'” … Jessika Jacob Bailey, Writer, JobDescriptionMommy.com