Author and Illustrator of Earth’s Secret Educational Books


“It is no secret that children in the United States have historically fallen behind many countries in the area of science. As an educator, I recognized lack of student interest as a significant cause, noting that the increased complexity of science concepts and extent of factual reading in middle grades leaves many students frustrated and bored.


I created Earth’s Secret to keep the excitement of learning science alive by writing science fantasy literature for kids and supplemental materials that incorporate English/language arts and science into all areas of the curriculum…creating a learning environment that is fun for kids, enjoyable for educators and highly effective.”


More About the Author

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently residing in North Carolina, Diane Janis holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Keuka College and a Master’s Degree in Education from Elmira College. She was an elementary classroom teacher in New York for fifteen years, a theater arts director in elementary summer school programs, a “Peer Leadership” presenter and a tutor.


Ever since she was a young child, Diane Janis has had a passion for combining imagination with her love of science and nature. She often spent time wandering in the vast woods behind her home, gazing in awe at its beauty or patiently waiting for a forest animal to appear. Then she would draw pictures and write stories about her adventures and the fantasy creatures she imagined to be living there.


In adulthood, Diane Janis’ creativity expanded to the country home she shared with her husband and three young children. Although she loved to draw pictures of nature, she also became very interested in organic gardening and read many books to understand the science behind it. Each year her gardens expanded with combinations of flowers, herbs, and vegetables guarded by Rumpelstiltskin and Tarzan, the family dogs who kept the gardens safe from little critters. But her gardens were more than organic. Amidst the magnitude of colors, sizes, textures, scents and sunflower lined pathways was a colorful world of beauty, inviting her children to wander through its pathways and create their own imaginary adventures.


When her children were old enough to go to school, Diane Janis went back to school herself to become a teacher. As an educator, she quickly realized that her students did not like reading science information from text books. So, to motivate student interest, Janis would often incorporate her own creative stories and illustrations while teaching science lessons. The storyline for her Earth’s Secret novel series began at home while Janis was discussing global warming with her three children and developing a science lesson for her classroom.


In time, Diane Janis became determined to develop the Earth’s Secret storyline into an educational fantasy novel series. Her passion to involve as many children as possible in learning about science and Earth’s environment, and her belief that encouraging children to use their imagination and a positive attitude can help them make their own dreams come true, kept her going. With the help of supportive friends and technical support from the Florida Institute of Technology, she was able to begin publication of the first novel in the series, Earth’s Secret: Voices in the Dark, and its correlating activity book and educator’s guide.


Diane Janis is currently visiting schools for author assemblies and personalized classroom visits while writing the next novel of the Earth’s Secret series.